Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery - Pros and Cons as a Teenager

I think there are pressures, even at the level of high school for people to compete and everyone wants to look their best, so the are younger and younger patients seeking liposuction and breast augmentations, and rhinoplasties or nasal surgeries.Anytime you remove an obstacle, a psychological obstacle, you're opening up new avenues to developing your inner self even more.And that's exactly what happened for Katie. Before her surgery, she said she wanted to hide from the world.Afterwards I felt better about myself. I felt like this weight had been lifted, you know, off my shoulders even. I didn't want to have the biggest boobs in the class, I didn't want to be the biggest girl. I wanted to be just like all my friends.Dr. Drew Pinsky says, "Societies false images of perfection are in many ways to blame. The kids and parents should be more concerned about developing the inner self." And he says, "Cosmetic surgery may do more damage than good."Well long term I would expect more psychiatric symptoms. A lot more depression, a lot more anxiety disorders, a lot more of sense of difficulty of finding fulfillment in life, finding connected quality relationships. It could be very for these people growing up. Katie is now 21 years old. She says having cosmetic surgery as a teen wasn't easy, but she has no regrets.I would do it again in a heartbeat.