Before and After Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgery by Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Keyes

Since ancient times, people have recognized characteristics of the nose that make it ideal for reconstruction. In fact, rhinoplasties are one of the earliest recorded plastic surgery procedures. Ancient Indian physicians performed rhinoplasties dating back as far as 800 BCE. So what makes nasal correction so responsive to reconstruction? Beneath the surface of the nose lies cartilage, which is soft tissue that is relatively easy to manipulate and shape.Think of it as your nose's malleable foundation. Just as a building's structure counts on its foundation, when your cartilage takes on a new shape, your nose's overall appearance will change as well. During a rhinoplasty, your surgeon will reach your nose's cartilage by either entering through your nostrils or making an incision on your nose's surface. I prefer to make all incisions inside the nose. This will prevent any external scarring. Rhinoplasties are one of the most common and well established cosmetic surgery procedures performed. A nose job is a surgical procedure, and its outcome will play a central role in your long term self-image and how others view you for the rest of your life.