Nose Hump Removal & Tip Rotation Rhinoplasty Surgery by Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Keyes

I'm Dr. Geoffrey Keyes from Los Angeles, California, and I'm here to talk to you today about rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is one of the most important operations for improving the appearance of the face, and has the most dramatic change upon assimilating and blending the features of the face. When someone has a bump on their nose, or their tip is turned down, or the nose is too broad, or a number of different problems that sometimes occur with people's noses, the change that can be effected by rhinoplasty surgery is quite dramatic. When you decide to have a rhinoplasty procedure performed, what you can expect is, first of all, a comprehensive evaluation by the surgeon to make sure your health is in good shape and that you're able to undergo this type of a procedure. Each patient has different anatomic features that need to be analyzed in order to achieve the desired surgical results. Pre-operative assessment of each patient is of utmost importance in planning the surgical approach. The first thing that one notices when looking at this frontal view of this young, attractive woman is that the tip of her nose comes down a little bit. This gives her the appearance of a little bit of a sneer rather than a softer appearance that can be achieved by having the tip a little bit lilted or upward in position. This will be better demonstrated on the lateral view. When looking at the left side of her nose, one can see a little bit of an indentation in the area of the upper lateral cartilage. This is one of the support cartilages that is important for the function of breathing. This can occur as a result of a birth defect or with trauma to the nose, but post-surgically, detachment of the upper lateral cartilage can give this type of appearance, and may hinder inspirational breathing. On the lateral view, one notices that the tip is just slightly downturned and that the angle of the nose with the lip is a little bit acute. Opening up that angle a little bit and rotating the tip just slightly softens her appearance dramatically. In addition, a small reduction of the bridge of the nose, or the hump, which is not markedly significant in this patient, also will improve her appearance. After rhinoplasty, the post-operative view on the right demonstrates that the nose is slightly rotated upward, and there is improvement in the indentation of the left aspect of the nose near the upper lateral cartilage, which gives a softened appearance to the nose. The lateral view, the tip is rotated, and the angle between the nose and the upper lip is somewhat increased. In addition, you can see just above the tip, there is a little break that offsets the tip from the rest of the nose, giving it a more aesthetic and refined look. I'm Dr. Geoffrey Keyes, and you're watching The Plastic Surgery Channel.