Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery by Beverly Hills Board Certified Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Keyes

I'm Dr. Geoffrey Keyes from Los Angeles, California and I'm here to talk to you today about rhinoplasty. Frequently we see patients who have had rhinoplasties done by other surgeons who are unhappy with the results and require a revision. Revision surgery may require the use of cartilage from other areas of the body such as the ear or the rib, or may require reduction of the areas that are insufficiently reset at the time of the previous surgery. Now the nasal tip revealed that a cartilaginous graft had been positioned directly over the tip and over time the skin had contracted down around the graft requiring the graft to be removed. Lateral view one can see that the bridge of the nose has been file down too far and will require grafting in order to give it a more normal appearance. Looking at the inside of the left nostril, the lining covering the septum can readily be seen which is not an aesthetically pleasing appearance. This can be improved at the time of surgery by removing a little bit of that lining giving a more pleasing appearance. In addition a columellar strip can be positioned in order to give better support to the tip and approve its overall appearance. Looking at the different views of the face after revision surgery, the frontal, the lateral and the three quarter view, one can see that the appearance has softened dramatically and generally speaking looks better from all angles.