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About Ethnic Rhinoplasty

The advances in facial plastic surgery (especially in rhinoplasty) have allowed specialists like our double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Geoffrey Keyes, the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of patients who have a variety of ethnic backgrounds. Ethnic rhinoplasty, at our practice consists of several corrective nasal procedures, all of which can be tailored to physical and aesthetic goals. Every case we treat is one-of-a-kind and requires a customized treatment plan.

With ethnic rhinoplasty, Dr. Keyes will take into account the specific internal and external features of your nose. Ethnic noses may require a considerable alteration of the internal structures in order to change the outer appearance. Although Dr. Keyes has several decades’ worth of experience enhancing the aesthetic and function of patients’ noses, he approaches each case with an open mind and on an individual basis. Our goal is to come to a mutual understanding on how best to enhance your unique facial characteristics, improve your ability to breathe, lift your self-esteem, and all the while never compromising your individual ethnic traits. We invite you to call and make a consultation appointment at your earliest convenience at our practice, Geoffrey R. Keyes, M.D., F.A.C.S., in Los Angeles, CA.

Ideal Candidates

While many people of different backgrounds want their nose to be enhanced and transformed, just as many of these same patients want to retain their ethnic heritage. If so, then ethnic rhinoplasty is the way to meet these complementary objectives. Dr. Keyes can repair a nose to your liking using proven skill and experience, while also keeping in mind your ethnic background. These surgeries require an extra degree of finesse that our plastic surgeon has used countless times to help the aesthetic dreams of his patients become a reality. By adding definition to your nose, we don't define who you are; we redefine your level of confidence and aesthetic beauty.

We also use video imagery to view your features during a private consultation. Our interactive technology enables you to play a hands-on role in your surgery's strategic planning. Dr. Keyes can map the precise details of your surgery to show you his vision. Dr. Keyes helps patients, like you, achieve the cosmetic outcome they crave in the most natural-looking way possible. During your comprehensive consultation, Dr. Keyes will discuss with you your physical objectives to gain a clear understanding of what aspects of your nose you are unhappy with and what results you are hoping to see. 

Treatment Techniques

All ethnic rhinoplasty involves special considerations with the performance of an already complex surgery (rhinoplasty). Dr. Keyes will take extra care to provide desired aesthetic outcomes with natural, realistic results. Since the nasal structures vary, specialized techniques will be used for each group.

African American

Over the last several years, practitioners in plastic surgery have seen an even greater range of nasal anatomy in patients who come from an African American background. We now see a larger variety of nostril shapes, nasal lengths, bridge length, nasal projection, and dorsal height. In most cases, African American rhinoplasty patients desire:

  • Additional structural support to the lower third of the nose for a more defined, prominent tip
  • An alar base reduction in the overall size of the bottom section of the nose for a narrow alar base
  • A nasal bridge contour alteration
  • A smaller nostril flares

These modifications can improve the unity, aesthetic, symmetry, and balance of all facial features. Dr. Keyes helps African American patients achieve the cosmetic outcome they want in the most natural-looking way.

Caucasian Rhinoplasty

In both men and women, Caucasian noses generally need modifications like a reduction, a nasal tip rotation, or revised projection. Knowing most nose patients are primarily concerned with the unattractive qualities of their noses, Dr. Keyes is focused on improving both the form and function of the nasal structures. Dr. Keyes works to restructure the composition of your nasal column for an improved aesthetic and outstanding outcome. This surgery can enhance the beauty of the face and unify existing facial features. A Caucasian nose includes thinner skin, firmer cartilage, or a humped bridge. Benefits of Caucasian rhinoplasty can include:

  • A softer nasal feature
  • A renewed symmetry to the nose
  • Better facial balance
  • A new contour to the nasal tip
  • A reduction in the nasal hum, twist in the nose, or the protrusion of the nose
  • A revision to the contour of the dorsum column
  • An opened airway for better nasal breathing and fewer feelings of congestion

A variety of implants, grafts, and cartilage removal and/or cartilage distribution can completely transform the structure, shape, and size the Caucasian nose. 

Hispanic Rhinoplasty

Nasal characteristics of Hispanic patients generally include wide nostrils, a broad and low nasal bridge, and a small nasal hump. In most cases, their skin is sebaceous and moderately thick, so Dr. Keyes takes the structural and anatomic elements of the entire face and nose into consideration when formulating and customizing your rhinoplasty surgical plan. The texture and thickness of the skin, bone structure, lip position, and shape of the face play an influential role in your surgical plan because all of your facial features should look balanced and cohesive. When performed by an excellent facial plastic surgeon, rhinoplasty can alter, augment, reshape, and redefine the nose. The structural modifications, no matter how great or how small, are intended to help harmonize a patient’s facial features, upgrade the function of his or her nose, and elevate his or her confidence. Some benefits include:

  • A transformation in aesthetic appeal
  • An alteration of the nasal shape, size, and tip
  • A renewed ability to breathe through the nose
  • Surgical correction of birth defects

The functional, aesthetic, and emotional benefits of having rhinoplasty may seem endless. We will be there to guide our Hispanic rhinoplasty patients through the possibilities.

Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty

There is a wide range of characteristics that are unique to patients who have a Middle Eastern background. Most commonly, Dr. Keyes enhances a Middle Eastern patient’s nasal structures when it is droopy or extremely large, it has a large hump, or has an elongated bridge. By creating additional tip support, Dr. Keyes can frame a nasal structure and redefine the contour of the nose. Generally, Middle Eastern patients have a larger nose and either a very straight bridge or a large hump at the bridge of their nose. The thickness and texture of the skin of a Middle Eastern nose must also be taken into account. For example, Middle Eastern noses shouldn’t be turned upward at the tip. To add appropriate tip support without changing the ethnic qualities, Dr. Keyes may add multiple cartilage grafts. Then, he may use a combination of surgical techniques to narrow the tip cartilage to make the nasal tip more defined. Some of the aesthetic or functional advantages of Middle Eastern rhinoplasty include:

  • A reduction in the height of the dorsum column, the size nasal hump, the rounded nasal tip, the nostril size, and/or nasal base
  • A well-defined contoured nasal bridge
  • A stronger nasal tip
  • An overall smaller, symmetrical nose
  • An aesthetically pleasing facial appearance and profile 
  • An unblocked airway to facilitate better breathing

By making strategic modifications to the nose, Dr. Keyes can strengthen a Middle Eastern nasal structure's integrity and soften the profile.

Asian Rhinoplasty

Because the Asian nose is more often flatter and wider than noses of other ethnicities, Dr. Keyes can improve the structural integrity and create more definition in the profile of the face. Dr. Keyes understands that every case is different, and many Asian patients have shorter or less-defined noses that lack sufficient tip support, although the tip is generally large. Augmentation of the nose is usually performed using the patient’s own tissues, such as cartilage rather than synthetic implants. This is a safer alternative for longer-lasting results. 

The benefits of rhinoplasty can not only boost self-esteem but also offer health benefits as well, such as:

  • A precise, balanced and refined nasal structure
  • A more defined nasal structure
  • An elongated or lengthened nasal tip
  • A reduction unflattering “flatness” of the nose
  • A reduced nostril width or rounded nasal tip
  • A revision to lowered bridges
  • An unblocked airway (less congestion)

What To Expect

There is an extensive recovery process for ethnic rhinoplasty, as with any nose reshaping surgery. After your procedure, you can expect to feel discomfort, swelling, and bruising in the treatment area. As a safeguard, you will have follow-up visits with Dr. Keyes during your recovery to ensure that you are healing properly, and no complications happen. Over the next few months, you will notice subtle changes in your nose. It may take up to a year to see your full results. Keep in mind that every nose surgery is a one-of-a-kind, and results will vary patient to patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does ethnic rhinoplasty cost?
There is no special price for ethnic rhinoplasty. At Geoffrey R. Keyes, M.D., F.A.C.S., rhinoplasty patients each get their own individualized treatment plan. Once he has evaluated your nose and discussed surgical options, he can give you an estimated price for the surgery. If you would like to talk with one of our patient care coordinators about financing options available, we can assist with that as well.

How do I prepare myself for surgery?
If you are considering having ethnic rhinoplasty, the first thing you need to do is have a consultation with a trusted plastic surgeon, like Dr. Keyes. Should you choose to have a consultation with Dr. Keyes, he will meet with you one-on-one to evaluate your nose. He will ask about your concerns with your nose, how you would like it to look, and discuss how he can make sure not to use the wrong techniques that might lessen the nasal features of your identity. He looks forward to meeting all of his rhinoplasty patients and helping each one achieves their desired look.

Why should I choose Dr. Keyes to be my surgeon?
As a rhinoplasty specialist with more than 40 years of experience, Dr. Keyes has been honing his skills in rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty for all ethnicities. This has been a life long work in progress for Dr. Keyes. Upon consultation, Dr. Keyes will evaluate the characteristics of your nose with an understanding of some of the more common features and considerations of your type of nose. If an inexperienced plastic surgeon performs your rhinoplasty and doesn’t believe in blending the cosmetic enhancement with all of your ethnic features, your result will look out of place, artificial, and unbalanced compared to the rest of your facial features. Dr. Keyes thoroughly evaluates the anatomic and aesthetic elements of your face and skin prior to formulating an ideal surgical plan. With his aesthetic eye, he is able to calculate which techniques to use and which procedural methods to use during surgery, which in turn makes your outcome look natural and balanced with the rest of your face.

It is in the details

The benefits of ethnic rhinoplasty with Dr. Keyes are not just evidently seen through your physical transformation, they are revealed through your elevated confidence and/or your improved ability to breathe. We work to create the most natural-looking nasal transformations, which look and function better than ever before. We ask that you contact our Los Angeles, CA office for a consultation with our experienced, double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Keyes. Call us with your questions and to make an appointment.

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