The Common After Effects of Rhinoplasty

Los Angeles Rhinoplasty Side EffectsFor patients in Los Angeles, rhinoplasty surgery is performed for a variety of reasons. This procedure can be customized in many ways to best meet the specific needs and desires of each patient. Under the lead of Los Angeles facial plastic surgeon Geoffrey R. Keyes, the surgical staff at the Keyes Surgery Center performs rhinoplasty to alter the shape and/or size of the nose, bring balance and symmetry to the face, and to correct an obstructed airway. It is Dr. Keyes’ goal to help each patient obtain his or her desired appearance, rather than create a “cookie cutter” nose that adheres to a universal standard of beauty. Because Dr. Keyes personalizes every rhinoplasty procedure to each of his patients, no two surgeries will be exactly alike. However, no matter the techniques that are used during a patient’s procedure, patients are likely to experience some common rhinoplasty side effects after surgery.

Rhinoplasty is a procedure that produces some very rewarding results for patients. Patients may achieve enhanced aesthetics, improved function of the nose, and a greater sense of confidence. While most patients find that these benefits are well worth the side effects experienced during recovery, Dr. Keyes will not perform rhinoplasty surgery without being sure that each patient has a clear understanding of the procedure, the recovery, and side effects that can be expected. Any patient who undergoes rhinoplasty surgery should be prepared to experience the following side effects:

  • Bruising: It is very common for patients to experience bruising after surgery. The bruising is likely to extend beyond the nose and will probably give the patient the appearance of having two black eyes. Bruising should begin to fade a few days following surgery and should be completely healed within seven to ten days.
  • Swelling: The area around the nose and eyes is also likely to be swollen following rhinoplasty surgery. While significant swelling should not last for more than two weeks, a patient may experience slight swelling for up to six months after surgery.
  • Pain: The alterations that are made to the nose during rhinoplasty surgery will result in pain or discomfort. Dr. Keyes will prescribe pain medication to ease discomfort during recovery.
  • Temporary loss of smell: Some patients report a loss of the sense of smell following rhinoplasty surgery. While this is not unusual, if a sense of smell does not return within a few weeks after surgery, patients should discuss this with Dr. Keyes.
  • Runny nose: In many cases, rhinoplasty surgery causes the nose to create an excess of mucus. This may result in a continually runny nose in the weeks (and possibly months) after surgery. This is a minor side effect that most patients do not find bothersome.

By following Dr. Keyes post-operative instructions, patients can manage the side effects of rhinoplasty and ensure a smooth and speedy recovery.

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