Rhinoplasty Prices and Financing

Los Angeles Rhinoplasty CostsAt the Keyes Surgery Center, Los Angeles facial plastic surgeon Geoffrey R. Keyes specializes in rhinoplasty surgery. Dr. Keyes believes in enhancing a patient’s unique characteristics rather than giving every patient a uniform appearance that meets the “ideal” definition of beauty. This customized approach is what sets Dr. Keyes apart as one of the leading rhinoplasty surgeons. While patients are excited to see how the alterations made during rhinoplasty can enhance their appearance, it is understandable that our Los Angeles patients must first consider rhinoplasty costs and financing options. Here, our patients can learn the average cost of rhinoplasty surgery and learn about some common financing options for plastic surgery.

Costs of Rhinoplasty

For our patients in Los Angeles, rhinoplasty surgery is a highly personalized procedure. Dr. Keyes customizes each procedure to meet his patient’s needs and help them achieve their desired appearance. The procedure can vary based on the type of alterations being made, the incision being used, and the surgical technique that is utilized. Because this is such an individualized procedure, it is not possible to get an accurate cost of rhinoplasty surgery without scheduling a consultation with Dr. Keyes. However, patients can consider the average costs of rhinoplasty surgery. Generally, rhinoplasty surgery can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $8,000. This cost should include the fees for the surgeon, the facility, and the anesthesiology.


If rhinoplasty surgery is being performed for medical reasons, such as opening the nasal passages to address breathing problems, insurance may help cover the costs of surgery. Patients can discuss this with Dr. Keyes and their insurance provider. Uncovered costs, or the costs of rhinoplasty performed for cosmetic reasons, will need to be covered by the patients. While it may be difficult for patients to cover the costs of rhinoplasty up front, there are financial options to consider. Some of the most common financing options for plastic surgery include:

  • Medical credit cards: With terms and interest rates similar to traditional credit cards, these are offered specifically to cover the costs of medical procedures, including cosmetic surgery. Patients should pay close attention to interest rates and any additional fees.
  • Personal loan: A personal loan can be taken out to cover the cost of rhinoplasty. While the payment and terms may be similar to those of a credit card, a personal loan offers the added benefit of a fixed interest rate.
  • Medical loan: These loans, which can come in the form of a personal loan or credit card, are brokered through doctors. This may be a good option for patients with poor credit history who have had trouble finding financing on their own.

Schedule a Consultation

With the financing options available, rhinoplasty is a viable option for just about all of our patients. To get a more accurate estimate of the cost of your customized rhinoplasty procedure, schedule a consultation with Dr. Keyes at your earliest convenience. You will be happy to see the beautiful results that Dr. Keyes can achieve with even the most minor of alterations.

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