Otoplasty: How Ear Surgery Can Enhance Your Rhinoplasty and Overall Look

There are multiple reasons to undergo Otoplasty. Common problems the procedure addresses include earlobes that are disproportionately large, ears that prominently stick out, misshapen ears as a result of trauma, and lop ear (also called bat ear), which is when the top of the ear droops down.

While some patient’s ears are a result of genetics, injury or trauma to the ear can also lead to an unsatisfactory appearance. As a surgeon who is board certified in otolaryngology (commonly called an ENT or an ear, nose, and throat surgeon) and plastic surgery, I am particularly passionate about this procedure. In this post, I’ll provide an overview.

Who to Look For

Because of the skill and expertise required to perform Otoplasty, it is recommended to work with a surgeon who has specialized training in surgery of the ear. Double board certification in both plastic surgery and otolaryngology (ENT surgery) is a solid start.

As you know, your ears play a role in your overall appearance. Thus your doctor must have specialized knowledge in order to create a balanced look that will provide pleasing results. Seeing before and after photos of procedures he or she has performed will help evaluate a doctor’s skill.

What to Expect

Because cartilage creates your ear’s shape, most procedures involve reshaping it. Surgeons often make incisions in the back of the ear in order to access the cartilage. If your doctor must enter through the front, he or she will most likely make an incision in the ear’s fold, which will prevent visible scarring. Once the procedure is complete, the surgeon will stitch the incision. Most Otoplasties are performed on an outpatient basis.

Throughout my career, I’ve performed ear surgeries on children and adults, and I have also spent years completing revision operations on patients who weren’t pleased with the results they received from previous doctors. Make sure your doctor frequently performs Otoplasties and has the specialized training and peer recognition required to be the most qualified to meet your needs.

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