Elegant Rhinoplasty

Procedure Details


Nasal Reconstruction

This female patient from Los Angeles, CA had a closed (no scar) rhinoplasty performed to improve the appearance and function of the nose.


Incisions were made within the nostrils in the closed approach to access the intranasal structures to be surgically altered.


The excess cartilage and bone, or nasal hump, was then removed from the bridge of the nose using a rasp and scissors in order to provide a straight profile.


A septoplasty was performed in order to repair a deviated nasal septum and to provide cartilage to be used in the reconstruction of the nose.


A piece of cartilage that was removed from the nasal septum was then placed behind the columella, a area between both nostrils, in order to provide support and lift of the nasal tip.  The eliminates the drooping appearance of the tip of the nose and shows the upper lip to better advantage.


The nasal bones were then narrowed to give a more refined look to the nose by performing nasal osteotomies.




Geoffrey R. Keyes, M.D.

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