Nasal Tip and Dorsum Improvement through Closed (scarless) Rhinoplasty

Procedure Details

Many young men and women who are confident with their appearance want the subtle improvement than can be provided through closed rhinoplasty. There are not visible scars and minimal discomfort associated with the procedure. A most common theme is an under projecting tip that dips slightly with smiling and shadows the upper lip. In addition, excess cartilage and bone on the nasal bridge can be reduce to give a straight nasal line. The outcome is a beautiful nose.

Self-Confidence Enhancing

Nasal surgery can inprove self-confidence by enhancing the appearance.  Minor or major irregularities of the nose can be disconcerting to patients.  Elimination of these undesirable features makes concern for the appearance of the nose a non-issue.  Self esteem is important to us all and improvement in ones  appearances can have great benefits toward feeling a better sense of self.


Geoffrey R. Keyes, M.D.

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