Breast augmentation for small breasts that are drooping.

Procedure Details


Mammary Hypoplasia

This 30 years old female patient from Glendora, CA had a breast augmentation performed through an Perareolar Submuscular approach using a Mentor, saline implant, to improve the appearance of her breasts.


The incision used for this patient was a periareolar submuscular approach.  This incision allows for the removal of skin around the areola so that a small lift of the breasts can be achieved at the same time.   Placing the implant under that muscle is believed to lessen capsular contracture or hardening of the implant because it lessens the potential for the development of a biosphere on the implant surface.  Biospheres are small colonies of bacterial and are believed to stimulate the inflammatory process promoting capsular contracture. 


Preoperatively her breast size was 34 A.  Her goal was to achieve better balance and an aesthetically pleasing body line.  Because there was asymmetry of the breasts, two different size implants were used.  The breast implant choice for the right breast, after sizing on the operative table, was a Mentor 325 cc saline implant filled to 350  cc and a Mentor 300 cc saline implant filled to 325 cc for the left side.



Her postoperative bra size was 36 C.


Geoffrey R. Keyes, M.D.

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